The many wonders of Stroud (with added beautiful sculptures)

Stroud high street

I took Friday off work as I had a rather important appointment to keep in beautiful Stroud. Back in the summer Sian & I visited Bothy Vineyard to see a collection of sculptures. While we were there I came across a really beautiful goddess sculpture, unfortunately for me she was £3000 (worth every penny, but outside my budget) so there was no way I could bring her home.

blue goddess

So I wrote down the name of the sculpture & vowed to look them up when I got home. However upon reaching home the piece of paper had vanished 🙁 I googled imaged in vain until a couple of weeks ago when I came across a picture with credit to the sculpture. Her name is Ama Menec and she lives in one of my favourite places, Totnes! Subsequently I found my way onto her website & then her ceramic gallery where these beauties awaited, mini goddesses!

goddesses one

goddesses two

I consulted my bank balance & worked out I could afford one, but the really hard choice was which one? In the end I went for the purple (well it is my favourite colour) & so emailed Ama to see about paying for it and delivery. Trouble was they are too delicate to be posted but Ama is in the process of moving to bronzes and mentioned she would be visiting the foundry in Stroud soon if there was any way I could get over there? Take a day off and wander round Stroud??? Definitely! I visited all my favourite shops in the morning

Fortune fairies

(& bought a couple more lovely things) & then met up with Ama in the afternoon & got the added bonus of  seeing some of her stunning completed bronzes in the back of her van. After picking up my well wrapped goddess we boarded the train home.

Stroud station

And here she is taking pride of place on my desk.

Goddess on desk

The original blue goddess left such an impression that I’m just putting the finishing touches to a glass design of her (I checked with Ama that I was okay to do this before I started planning). Can wait to finalise the design & start putting the glass version together.

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