Learning to cable

cable knitting 001

On Saturday I headed to the always lovely Oxford Yarn Store to spend 3 hours learning the basics of cabling (fantastic as because you aren’t at home so you do actually get 3 hours knitting & also the ever wonderful James was on hand  – decked in cables – should anything go wrong).

cable knitting 008

We started off with a basic twisted cable (the below photo was my first cabled row):

cable knitting 003

There was big concentration from my fellow 2 knitters

cable knitting 004

cable knitting 002

But soon there were cables (this was my neighbours cable and below is mine, not quite as perfect as I did a yarn over in the from row, but I definitely got the hang of it by the bottom row 🙂 )

cable knitting 005

cable knitting 006

Yey! After mastering a basic cable it was onto travelling cables (much more complicated hence there is less of it).

cable knitting 007

After completing my cable sample I decided to switch yarn colours (a decision I later regretted, you’ll see why in a mo). Having admired the pink yarn I duely cast on, unfortunately next on the agenda were knitted bobbles, and before I knew what had happened I had knitted udders… I didn’t mean to!

cable knitting 010

I thought an extra repeat might get me out of trouble, unfortunately I think that might have tipped me from udder territory to the funk territory (sometimes you can’t win).

cable knitting 011

I did however learn heaps and really enjoyed my first experience with cables. I’ve bought a couple of Kate Davies patterns featuring cables to practice on (my eventual aim being an owl jumper) and there is the small matter of perhaps knitting my brother Kip his wedding Kilt hose, doesn’t look like I’ll be short on cable practice! Huge thanks to James and Karen /Oxford Yarn Store for another fabulous class! The cables and I are off for a rest /rum and coke before all that hard cable work begins…

cable knitting 027

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