A visit to Bleinheim

Bleinheim 121So despite living in Oxfordshire for more than 5 years I’ve never visited Bleinheim palace, this was righted at the weekend when we took a trip with James boss and his lovely girlfriend.

Bleinheim 119

Bleinheim 117Bleinheim 120This was the little train that took us to explore the pleasure gardens. We started with the maze:

Bleinheim 097Chris & Jam at the middle. Before heading onto possibly my favourite bit, the butterfly house. We started of with the chrysalisesBleinheim 099

Bleinheim 100The leaf ones were my favourite but once we passed through another door there were butterflies everywhere!

Bleinheim 102We saw some similar butterflies to this black one in Korea, but they were just to quick to photograph, no such problems here

Bleinheim 106Bleinheim 111Bleinheim 110Bleinheim 112Bleinheim 114Bleinheim 113There were some zebra finches flying about as well (I really wanted some of these when I was little but sadly never got any) . My favourite part however was when a very pretty yellow butterfly decided to land on my hand.

Bleinheim 103Bleinheim 104Just lovely! We then moved on to the gardens near the house and the house itself. These were the water gardens.Bleinheim 134Bleinheim 140Bleinheim 138Bleinheim 141After thoroughly exploring the gardens we headed inside, where the interiors really were something else!Bleinheim 126



Bleinheim 125And what home would be complete without a library?

Bleinheim 128Bleinheim 130Lots of lovely lovely books, Nice! We had a great time, at £21 for the year we’ll definitely be making the most of our ticket & will be heading back very soon http://www.blenheimpalace.com/

2 thoughts on “A visit to Bleinheim

  • No def not any kind of pro photographer (most of the time I either accidentally leave it at home or take it and then find out its run out of batteries!) I am also rubbish at getting the landscapy ones level, just look at the first one! The butterflies were lovely to take photos of though, such beautiful colours!

    Vikki x

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