Although Christmas was supposed to be a lovely break form work I found myself using the time to catch up on projects instead. I thought I’d be mostly knitting I seem to have crammed quite a few other crafts in as well. I went to Ikea with Trisha and ended up buying this fantastic little greenhouse, perfect for nurturing my little cacti till they are as fully grown and as big as these guys.

I did do some knitting, still working on a cozy pair of socks for Jam but I managed to get this scarf finishing for Claire

(the yarn is really pretty containing not only wool but sari ribbon as well in a contrasting blue/green shade). I’m hoping ths will help her feel better and take away the winter sniffles which she has been suffering.

I’ve been doing a few more cards as well with the orchids that I pressed a while ago. This one was a bit of an emergency one for Jam’s sister Teagan (I thought I had 4 days to make it, turns out he got the date wrong so I only had a night).

I’ve been having a bit of a think about taking a stall at a local craft fair, selling my home bred plants and paper and material bits and bobs, but I don’t know whether my stuff is good enough, it seems quite ordinary to me I suppose but I would like to see what ye general public think (so all feedback greatly appreciated!).

And last but not least is this little box, it started out as plain paper mache but I transformed it (using some inspiration from the rug in our living room and a selection of nail varnish) into a trinket box. The problem is now its all done I don’t really want to sell it/gift it. Gonna have to get better at this if I’m ever going to have any stock!

2 thoughts on “Exhibit

  • Lots of creativity going on in your part of the country! I love how many projects you have on the go (and am very inspired). I had a craft stall once and the hardest thing is selling your darlings. I sold handmade cards and art prints – I mostly remembered to photocopy the cards before they marched off into the world, just so I could keep a record of the design, but it still feels odd letting them go. It's a 'yay – money! I've sold something! vs 'my Art! MY ART! *sobs*' moment.

  • as usual those are very wise words from you Lady Jayne! There are indeed many projects on the go, including yesterday I learnt how to make knickers (blog post will be put up in the next day or two). Horribly its the 2nd meeting of the writers group tonight & haven't dome any more writing, oops! Vikki x

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