Dyeing for the weekend

Yes as you should be able to see in the above post I am now a darker brunette than I was before! The urge to reach for the dye bottle was brought on by the fact that I feel I’ve become a bit too sensible lately so what better way to shake it up than some festival hair? This weekend Jam an I went to Truck festival, just down the road in next but one village along Steveton (seasoned readers may remeber a previous excursion there with Dave which can be found here). We had a great time (this wasn’t guarenteed as Jam had only been to one music festival before, what if he didn’t like it???), there was sun, local beer and lots of lots of bands. The fantastic Bellowhead headlined the Friday night, and were as always brilliant, Roddy Wooble (who I later semi stalked as he was watching another band) and Rhosyn were on the Sat and on Sunday we danced like crazy people to the Go team! The truck monster was also about (mostly during the afternoon & evening because of the warmth) and the kids were really making a beeline for him, it was like the santa effect only times about a million! Every year I have the same arguement with myself about whether to go to Truck or to head down to the secret garden party (website here doesn’t it look cool?) but I know I always have a great time at truck and it’s really nice that it’s a local festival and I see most of the people I know there. What about you readers? Heading off to any festivals this year?

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