Goodbye Bea – Adventure chicken

bats 051It is my sad duty to report that today we lost one of our oldest and most awesome ex-batts Bea chicken. Those of you who have been long time BTTC readers may remember that we took Bea on last summers when her mum and dad (the most excellent Beth and Nick) decided to relocate to Dubai. We integrated Bea into the flock slowly but we needn’t have worried within a couple of weeks Bea was head chicken bossing about the older rescues like she had always been there and putting the newer ones firmly in their place.

Bella & CSR 068A born leader Bea was often to be found on top of the glug giving out her orders, or body bouncing against the run (just to check it was in fact escape proof, we were pretty sure this was a bluff and she was actually digging a tunnel). Without doubt also one of the cleverest chickens we have ever had she knew her own name and would come when called and even managed to defeat Jamses automatic door opener by waiting till it closed and she heard me filling the bowl with what was meant to be breakfast then pushing the door open just enough to get herself out and ensure first dibs. We would joke that Bea had plans to take over the world and when Jam installed chicken cam it seemed like we weren’t too far wrong (this was hung onto one of our wall mounted hanging baskets, but Bea managed to fly up to it non the less!)..

Bea on chicken cam

Testing testing, is this thing on?

When she first arrived Bea’s best friend was Bellatrix and the two would often share a dirt bath taking it in turns to throw dirt over each other. When Bella left for the big coop in the sky Bea befriended Minerva who shared her passion for chasing cats and trying to get into the house to reach the corn supply.

Chickens 133

Bea and Bellatrix

Without Bea the nestbox seems incredibly quiet , but as Jam’s noted, no chicken not even our darling Bea could last forever. The inspiration for the first chicken of destiny I ever made (a present for Beth & Nick so they could take her with them in some way, it had the exact same markings as Bea, I enjoyed making it so much I made more).

Story museum and marbling 028The legacy Bea leaves is massive, but we were so lucky that fate brought her into our lives, Goodbye by beautiful girl we will miss you always.

Hattie, Bea & Margot

Bea with sisters Hattie and Margo just after they were rescued

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