Fusing jewelry

A couple of weekends ago I yet again entered the inspiring home & studio of Vince & Sue (Glass Jewels) to have another go at glass fusing

Glass jewels panel

Bits box

We were also introduced to iridescent glass which was beautiful:

Iridescence glass

When fusing you are looking to create a kind of glass sandwich. So for each piece we had to pick a base colour, then any bits of glass we wanted to use to add detail/decorate and then cut a clear lid. The whole thing then gets stacked and is fused together by the heat (we did one on a quick fuse so we could take it home on the day, its in the top left hand corner) alongside the rest of my pieces before they hit the kiln:

Before fusing

And here they are after I got them back.

Finished fused pieces

A few bits seem to have changed colour (most notably the yellow piece at the bottom of the black square) but I’m pretty happy with all of them (think I’ll probably make them into fridge magnets). Really enjoying learning more about fusing.

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