This weekend one of the most recognisable landmarks in Oxfordshire was drastically changed. Didcot power station lost 3 of its 6 cooling towers (we were aiming to get up and see it but in the end it didn’t happen, here’s a link to the video though), the remaining 3 will be demolished next year.


There was also a bit of pruning required to one of the landmarks at work. This tree stands in our front quad, it is a Beech tree and is believed to be over 200 years old.

zoes birthday 060


Unfortunately there was some damage to some of the upper branches and they had cracked, making the tree unsafe.

zoes birthday 063

The tree surgeon was called and the tree pruned back.

zoes birthday 065

I was lucky enough to be given some of the branches to carve so once they are dry I’ll be dreaming up some spoon designs  for this lot.

zoes birthday 066

Demolition is also taking place at home with Jam taking down a wall between our bathroom & loo to make it one big room bathroom (& we are replacing the original fittings & tiles as well so quite a job).

zoes birthday 031

Where the wall used to be


I have to confess that the destruction part of any project is my least favourite and I’ll be much happier when all the old stuff is out and the new stuff is being put back. That might take a while however but we have started choosing new stuff with even the cats getting involved. Here is Witchcat quality checking the taps.

zoes birthday 042

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