The beginning of carving in earnest

Witchcat & carving 014

I bought the wood for my puppets a couple of weeks ago, but we’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to start carving them. With the puppet challenge finishing at the end of this month now would seem a very good time to start! First order of the day was to create a scale drawing. My trusty book was unfortunately pretty vague on scale, I only had one photograph to go on and it was this.

Witchcat & carving 017

From that I managed to get a few measurements to make this

Witchcat & carving 011

With a scaling factor of 3 that made this which was my final measurements

Witchcat & carving 012Witchcat & carving 013

After a lot of marking up and cuttings I was left with all my bits, and so now comes the hard part, carving & sanding into shape. I’ve started and completed 4 feet and a lower leg, hoping to get another couple of lower legs done tonight (down side of doing 2 puppets you have to do everything twice, or if its limbs 4 times) and then turn my attentions back to the boar until I can get the fixtures to start fixing my puppets together! (and more sandpaper, definitely underestimated the amount of sanding I needed to do!).

Witchcat & carving 015

1 thought on “The beginning of carving in earnest

  • Ha ha! This made me laugh. All the pieces beautifully laid out for the Puppet Challenge, awaiting only the moment for the work to begin. I think we’ve all been doing a bit of laying-out like this, avoiding the moment! (-;

    Go on, get stuck in. It’ll be better when you get going.

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