Circus weekend

Firstly and most importantly Jam passed his exam! He definitely deserved to as he’s been revising really hard for weeks! He bought himself a mini keg of Abingdon ale from the excellent Loose Cannon brewery

and I got some roses for being a patient girlfriend & not moaning (that much) about him ignoring me
(you may remeber this was one of the first things he bought me).

 Anyway on to the title of this post, because Jam didn’t have to revise anymore we made it to the Big Kid Circus which mysteriously popped up in a field very close to our house.

 Alas we weren’t allowed to take photos during the performance but I managed to get this one of the wheel of death as it was being assembled during the interval

 (it accommodated two men, one in each wheel and rotated, I was scared enough when the men were inside their respective wheels but then one got out and started walking on the outside! (There is a photo of the wheel of death in action on their website). Also making me want to rn away (but not as much as some others I’ve seen) was the clown, but he didn’t get too close so that was okay.

 Much to my disappointment they didn’t have anyone doing what I would call proper aerial stuff (climbing silks etc). Sarah’s & Nomi’s  blog (both of which I’m a regular reader) gives a snapshot into the aerial world & its something I really enjoy watching and would like to have a go at. So on returning from the big top I had a look for aerial classes in Oxford. Sadly there are none as yet but Oxford University are trying to set something up, so I guess there is some hope there. But I did find these amazing classes in London, so will definitely be tring to get to one of those. We also went out for a meal with James family this weekend as it was his nannas birthday. Here is us in a village called halfway at a pub called the Halfway House .

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