Mum’s the word

My mum has been staying with us for a few days so we thought while she was up here it was probably time that she and Jam’s mum met each other (the dads were ruled out as Jam’s was busy and mine was boring and stayed at home). Jam’s mum drove to ours and was very polite about the train wreck that is our house at the moment (its getting there, its just taking quite a bit if time/money). Then we headed into Oxford on the bus. After a quick look round Oxford (which included me buying these lovely Vernician masks from Boswells

posing in front of the gates at Hertford College (the pic above) we all headed off to the Kasbar for some food. The two mum’s got on really well (they dropped behind us at one point to have a secret whisper, dunno what that was about) and both adored the Kasbar. On our way out of town we just had time for a quick rummage in the vintage shop by St clemants roundabout.  I was lucky enough to score this beautiful bit or Sari fabric (which melts from blue to brown) which should become a dress (but after Christmas, have far too much sewing to do at present!).


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