The arrival of our new rescues

We rescued 3 more beautiful ex-battery girls this weekend. So a big welcome to Myrtle (stood in the foreground) and her sisters Luna and Helena. We had a bit of a hectic time picking them up as alas James car decided not to start, so I had to go by taxi. Thankfully we had some egg money standing by for just such an emergency! Although their plumage isn’t in too bad a condition all the girls have very pale combs & feel very thin when you pick them up. We’ll soon sort that out though. They’ve been out socialising with their new sisters all day today & although there have been a few pecks being thrown its getting better all he time and they all went to bed together this evening so hopefully they will carry on bonding tomorrow. Here are a couple more shots of them enjoying their new home.

This is Helena in the rhubarb patch, she has  a beautiful sort of gradiented colour on her feathers going from almost ginger to a pretty caramel colour, really pretty!

Luna, her name suits her well as she has a lot of white both on her face and also in speckles on her feathers.
And a final shot of Myrtle, I will be keeping a very close eye on her (I will have to if today is anything to go by as she has already managed to escape…twice!)

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