The story of a spoon

So I finally finished Jam’s lovespoon. I meant to write a post about its design at the time, but I was trying to keep it a secret. Traditionally Lovespoons were created by the menfolk for their ladies, different elements meant different things (facinating article here). I knew that I wanted hearts to be part of my design and that I’d like an element of them twisting together. I had a quick google image search for some basic inspiration and this is what I found.



Having looked at those i decided I wanted two hearts at the top twining into each other to make just one heart at the bottom. The twists were much harder to do than I had thought (indeed my tutor accidentally broke the spoon in two because the twists gave it a weak spot),

that added on a bit of time but the whole thing took me a year to complete. The wood is similar to teak but has a reddish hue. I think Jam is pleased with the result

& now that’s done I can move back onto my first project a relief carving of a design first used on some William De Morgan tiles called Lion Rampant.

4 thoughts on “The story of a spoon

  • Greetings,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. What a lovely surprise to see your comment about your pets! 🙂 I shall reply over on my blog as well.
    That spoon is soooooooo pretty! What a romantic gift. Thank you for sharing.
    It truly is an amazing work of art.

    Your Lion one is going to be stunning as well I am sure.
    Have a magical day!

  • Wow! What an interesting post.

    I use wooden spoons in my cooking almost every day. I’d love to have one as elaborate as these.

    I hope you are well, take care 🙂 xx

  • Thanks Hamilton!

    I’ve got plans for an everyday spoon made out of cherry (be lovely when its finished) but the moment I guess I’d better focus on the Lion 🙂

    Vikki x

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