Austen and Easter break

Easter & austin 003

This week at work I was lucky enough to attend an event as part of the World Literacy Summit held in Oxford. It was the UK launch of the Jane Austen foundation and a talk by Jane Austen’s fifth great nice Caroline Jane Knight.

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Caroline spoke at length about growing up on the Chawton estate in Hampshire as she was the last of the family to do so, Chawton House has now been turned into a library for women’s writing (1600-1830).

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Caroline also bought with her some artefacts from the Austen family including this original family tree.

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The Jane Austen Literacy Foundation has been launched to help raise money for education around the world. I was very privileged to meet the lady herself together with Elaine & Jane from ARCh, as they are part of exactly the kind of project the Literacy Foundation is aiming to support. I’ll be keeping a beady eye out for the official website in a few weeks time.

On a related literacy note, thought I should showcase this beautiful piece of artwork which is currently hanging in our hall at work.

Easter & austin 017You may not be able to see from this photo but the whole Camera is made from found objects.

Easter & austin 019 This fantastic creation was made by Emma Dougherty. Judging by the rest of her display she clearly has a bit of a love for the Camera, and why not?

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Easter & austin 021

I’ve been enjoying the little break for Easter with a really good haul of Easter eggs

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Jam and his mum also put up a new shed in the back garden.

Easter & austin 027

Easter & austin 028

While I put the Easter tree up

Easter & austin 035

Easter & austin 036 Easter & austin 037

And made some new Easter tree felted decorations

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Happy Easter!