And when we were away…

Cats bathroom and jq 350

… magical pixies came and redid our bathroom (well it was a builder, but still it was pretty magical!). We weren’t sure what to do while the bathroom was being done as all the water had to be turned off and stuff taken out for the tiling to be done. As its our only bathroom it was not a good situation so when the builder offered to come in while we were away that seemed like a plan! It did mean that we had to clear the bathroom (ripping off the old tiles just before we went) and buying everything and leaving it ready, so when we got back we creeped upstairs to see if it had turned out as we expected. As you can see it was absolutely what we wanted!

Cats bathroom and jq 342

Cats bathroom and jq 337

Cats bathroom and jq 338

Cats bathroom and jq 346

Cats bathroom and jq 347

Cats bathroom and jq 348


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