We go to Lassco

NYR & Lasco 099

I’ve been wanting to visit the three pigeons yard near Thame of architectural salvagers Lassco for a while, so on Sunday we decided to drive out to see what the yard had to offer. Unfortunately because it was a Sunday most of the yard was shut up, but what we did find was amazing. Virtually anything you could wish for was contained within the courtyard and so not being able to afford or have the space for any of it the only solution was to run wild with the camera!

NYR & Lasco 079

NYR & Lasco 088

NYR & Lasco 085

 I particularly liked the Narnian esq lampposts you can see behind the fountain.

What better to go with it than your very own Aslan?

NYR & Lasco 097

NYR & Lasco 087
NYR & Lasco 083

NYR & Lasco 084

NYR & Lasco 096

NYR & Lasco 098

We thought we’d seen pretty much all the yard had to offer when we stumbled across these.

NYR & Lasco 089Our first though was blimey what massive doors but I realised I knew the lions head from somewhere… These weren’t just any old doors, these are William Morris doors! (Yours for a mere £15,000)

NYR & Lasco 090

As we don’t currently have £15,000 lying about I had to make do with a picture with them instead (love, love, love)

NYR & Lasco 094

After I had been dragged away from the doors (and partaken of a rather nice glass of wine in the front building of the three pigeons, which was and indeed still is a restaurant/pub). We set out to explore the Swan antiques center down the road.

NYR & Lasco 100

This rather beautiful bit of antique glass was outside in the courtyard, I love old glass, but the real treasures were inside which is where we found (and I fell in love with) a carved wooden fairground horses head, quite similar to this one (marked up for not an insubstantial amount of money) .I’ve always been fascinated by carousels ever since I was a little girl.

Cloth doll adventures 063

But there was no way we could stretch to owning a head from the price he was marked at…There is however some hope, the head teacher of our wood school is famed for carving rocking dragons and has many books about carving carousel horses, one of which I borrowed last year.

fairground and cheese 033

Jam suggested I finish the puppets (no mean feat) and then start carving myself a carousel horse, its a massive undertaking but I fear it may have to be attempted! Watch this space…

fairground and cheese 042

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