This year in pictures

So things I was aiming to do this year were roughly as follows:
1. Go on a date with a least one nice chap (having had my heart broken yet again late last year this was definitely top of my list to regain faith in men-kind). January came and I met this chap:

This quickly followed:

2. Having spent last year playing with the frankly Awesome Stanger Things Happen at Sea (and then disbanding the band due to the sheer distances between its members)
 the search was on for a new band. This started off with a chance encounter with Sreeves (and a good deal of discussion over pints about the kind of thing we wanted to do) followed by our debute gig in April.
After the gig we decided a larger sound was called for, I’d invited my friend Emily (who I’d met through voluntering) to our 1st annual carol jaunt, we’d kept in touch and as soon as I heard she also played the cello Chris & I invited her and former Stranger member Kevin to become our fellow minstrels. The quartet was complete and we’ve now played a couple of gigs together with more I hope to follow in the New Year!
Some of my intentions weren’t as sucessful: update and redesign the blog being only partly achieved (my friend Lea very kindly did some editing on my current template but I think a blog redesign may be called for in the new year). Also there are quite a few blog posts still missing as my hard drive died a coupe of months ago leaving me with many posts sans pictures. All this should be fixed come the new year so I guess I’m carrying this one over.
4. To start doing more of the things I love. This one was definitely achieved, 2011 if nothing else was the year that this was created:

 I also taught violin/viola at a kids ceilidh workshop at Towersey again, stage managed the Bulverton Marquee at Sidmouth (one of the largest stages I’ve ever worked on, there were a few hairy moments I can tell you), went on holiday to Turkey (first foreign holiday for quite a few years, while there I relaxed, read and appreciated the local wine), started attending woodschool/attempting the carving of many hours and kept in touch/spent more time in the same room as my friends.
5. Start writing more tunes/finish the novels: because of the band I’ve found it quite easy this year to write music, more difficult was finding time to do the serious editing thats needed on both novels (part of the problem is I think that I’m not sure what I’d do with them if I did finish them, not sure I have the stomach for agents rejections…). So although this is being carried over I’m going to first set myself the mini goal of getting a poem or another piece of writing published (this excludes work where I edit a magazine and this blog). I’m hoping a the moment to publish with the wonderful Goblin Fruit but we shall see.

What about you guys any plans/goals for next year?

2 thoughts on “This year in pictures

  • I really enjoyed reading this post – you've done some fab things! I am still in absolute awe about that dress. And I absolutely must come to see one of your gigs at some point – be fab to hear you play. 🙂

    I have SO MANY things I want to achieve this year (and I had to type that in capitals as it's SO IMPORTANT!) I have a list and it says things like a) Get life, b) Find balance, c) eat lettuce. I'm trying to whittle it down to be more specfic. I am sure 'get novel out there' should be main priority.

    And that leads me to say a GIANT (capitals again) thank you for your stirring words on my Query Letters post. We shall skype during the day! It will happen! Seriously, thank you. Fab advice. x

  • you are more than welcome lovely lady, you will get that novel out there, of that I am sure. I will be giving you very verbal support in the style of a cheerleader you can be sure. A novel of some description is also on my list I am trying to adopt the motto less worrying more action!!! (but we shall see) Vikki x

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