Meeting furry Finn

idlewild accoustic 050

Yesterday we travelled to Fleet to visit Claire and Simon and their new fluffy arrival Finn.

idlewild accoustic 056

Finn is a Hungarian Puli and although she has loose wavy fur at the moment she will eventually get dreds to rival Bob Marley! We had a great time with her, taking her to the park to burn off some energy and playing with her wide selection of toys in the house.

idlewild accoustic 065

Simon had a Puli when he was younger and so was quite keen to get another. He and Claire as you can see are both absolutely smitten.

idlewild accoustic 068

idlewild accoustic 073

Jam was quite taken with her as well.

idlewild accoustic 076

All too soon it was time for us to head back to the Shire but not before the obligatory catch up photo (which Finn casually photobombed).

idlewild accoustic 089

Thanks for a lovely day Claire, Simon & Finn, we’ll see you soon.

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