A weekend in the smoke

St Pauls rooftopSo this weekend the chicks (is that the correct terminology?) and our Hen headed to the big city for a weekend of pampering before the big day for her in August. As good Bridesmaids should we had lined up a couple of non embarrassing surprises along the way. Each bridesmaid brought a bottle of fizz & I embraced my inner Ibiza bar owner and added some quite frankly amazing cocktail ornaments to jazz up the Tesco value plastic cups

Bike and socks 061(Claire and I were discussing that our fantasy coffee shop should have a bar that serves tapas and amazing wine and spirits at night, if that means I get to play around with pipe cleaner animal drink ornaments a la this weekend then I think its a plan).

Bike and socks 068We also made Mads a card to accompany a handbag she had been looking a for the wedding (which we sneakily bought) and Ange sourced photos from us all and made the most amazing scrapbook.

Bike and socks 067And to top it all off Mads mum bought her a spa bear (and what is life without a spa bear?).

Bike and socks 066After unwrapping all the presents and drinking a couple of glasses of bubbles we headed down to the spa. We got a 30 min treatment included in our nights stay. I had wanted to face my fear and have a pedicure (I hate people touching my feet) but wussed out at the last moment and had a manicure instead. All Spa-ed out we headed to the foyer for some drinks before dinner.

Bike and socks 069This was the view we had (fair to say it was quite a modern/swish hotel).

Bike and socks 071Dinner itself was lovely (always the sign of a good hotel when they take the time to fold your smoked salmon into Roses, I’m kidding this has never happened before)

Bike and socks 072The creme brulee was also very scoffable

Bike and socks 074We headed to bed pretty early so we could get an early start the next day. The hotel was situated right next to St PaulsBike and socks 083so after some of the party had made further use of the spa we headed up to the roof terrace for some awesome views of the London skyline.

Bike and socks 082Bike and socks 093We left our bags at the hotel and went to explore the other side of the river going across ‘the wobbly bridge’ which alas wobbles no more! A plethora of delights awaited us

Bike and socks 096The Tate modern

Bike and socks 095

and my personal favourite the GlobeBike and socks 098 All too soon it was time to head back across the river to literally run for a train to take us home.

Bike and socks 099I did however manage to squeeze in some train knitting (the stained glass scarf, finally nearly finished!).

Vikki knittingA perfect end to a great weekend


2 thoughts on “A weekend in the smoke

  • Awww… so nice to see some group shots I hadn’t seen before. I had such a lovely weekend. I’m not sure how I have lived my life so far without pipe cleaner animals in my cocktails… there is no going back!

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