A new addition to the clan

Bike and socks 016So yesterday we picked up our newest addition to the clan. Say hello to Socks, she is a 7 year old tabby with white socks (hence the name). She has been living in a 3rd floor flat for a bit so this house with all its space is a bit of a revelation. She is a total softie but I’m still a bit worried about when she meets Mabel officially (they’ve seen each other through glass and hissed but we’ll go slowly) .

Bike and socks 018Socks is living in the back room at the moment but slowly exploring the rest of the house. I’ve taken the day off today to bond with her which is when this photo was taken. It’s really tough trying to split my time between the two cats at the moment so that Mabel doesn’t feel she is being abandoned but we’ll just take our time with the introductions and hopefully they’ll grow to love each other.

Bike and socks 019

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