Greg and Jo’s housewarming

Beginned 078You may remember that himself and I have been disappearing off on Sunday’s to help our friends Greg and Jo finish their house. Tasks we have completed so far include adding insulation (it was sheeps wool, lovely stuff), putting in a water proof membrane in their bathroom and plastering (the plastering was all Jam, I’m rubbish at it).

Beginned 072

View from the attic window out over Yatt

Well the house is very much near completion so Greg and Jo decided it was time for a housewarming. They built a stage.

Beginned 068Bought lots of lovely food, wine and beer and invited us all over.

Beginned 067

Because they didn’t want anyone to worry about driving home camping was provided. If you crossed the little bridge

Beginned 080you reached the campsite

Beginned 079Our friends Tina and Frederick were also in attendance, although not strictly camping (they’ve just bought a lovely campervan from the band three daft monkeys, it has purple curtains and is really fab, I did suffer a slight case of van envy).

Beginned 069(Isn’t Tina’s dress fab? She got it from a shop on Amazon, somewhere I’d never think to look for clothes). The evenings entertainment was provided by the Brickwork Lizards, a Turkish/Egyptian hip hop reggae band (yep I was dubious too but they were fab).

Beginned 084Thanks Greg & Jo we had a fab time, hope you enjoy your new beautiful house!

Beginned 074

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