Here it is the hotly anticipated press shot of myself and Sreeves new musical project, a duo, called writing on the wall, we shall be playing English tunes (half of which were written by me, always interesting, bars sometimes have more of less beats than needed, key signatures become confused…). Chris chose the name (apprently it has Belshazzars feast links, he has yet to explain to me what these are), I chose the look (I’m calling it the pre raphalite gypsy, think raggle taggle but beautiful) and the blank wall was borrowed from Trish & Malc (we tried taking photos at home but there was some kind of chintz in every shot, such are the perils of this house… :-). Chris has also written a very good (but quite short & to the point) bit of blurb for us : WRITING ON THE WALL are Vikki Rose (fiddle/vocals) and Chris Sreeves (accordion/keyboards/percussion). Vikki on Chris: ” the much imitated but never outdone musical maverick…my partner in crime”. Chris on Vikki: “if you want a job done, get Vikki to make you do it yourself”. Expect the unexpected!

I find it hard to believe I have only known Chris 3 months, he seems to have got the measure of me quite well already (plus he bought me back a book when he went to stay in the Keates/Shelley house in Italy, I was very miffed I coudn’t go to but presents always help soften the blow 🙂

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