Confessions from the stash

 I have been knitting this scarf for two years, yes I know 2 years on a scarf, its excessive! It is a hard pattern? I hear you cry. No indeed its straight knit, the yarn is an italian one I picked up in Masons (instantly clocked as it lay in the bargain bin). I decided I wanted the finished thing to look like a knitted stained glass window, the colours are really vibrant, not that you can tell in this photo! (It was an overcast day so the light was terrible). No I think the secret to why this has taken so long lies here

Yes little teeny circles are part of the yarn and luckily for me they are just about the perfect size to go over the needles. To get the texture I’m after I really want to keep these outside the knitting. I’m making a resolution to do about 2 rows (at least) a day. If I manage this shouldn’t be a stash confession for that much longer (plus I have a birthday recipient in mind and we all know nothing focuses the mind like a deadline!)

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