Back from the Kiln – not quite right

moth 012

I was so excited when I sent my moth wings to be fired, after working through the design I was really pleased with the painted wings. I just had enough time to do a small suncatcher (below) to use up my paint & then it was time to say goodbye to my pieces as they went off to be fired.

silver jewelry 033

But as you’ll know if you’ve been watching the pottery programme the make isn’t over till the kiln process is complete, and unfortunately that’s where my moth fell down.

moth 011

In the third line from the top you might be able to see a grey line. This is where the paint cracked during the firing (either due to the consistency being wrong or it being applied to thickly) and the fix went a bit wrong (the paint was a slightly different colour). I’m told I could ignore it and plough ahead with my leading anyway (as you can see from the below you can’t really see it when the light is behind it)

silver jewelry 034

but I know its there and probably will always see it, so I think to redo is possibly the only option. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that it won’t happen again, but I’ll be keeping everything crossed.  In other glass news it was the final glass class of this term, there was lots of festive glass:

moth 008

Snowflakes abounded:

moth 019

moth 020

Plus a lovely glass dragonfly who flies off to live outside near a pond:

moth 018

And a beautiful red glass dragon who goes to live with a Welch lady.

moth 025

My main task for the ‘holidays’ is to get my studio set up finished in the spare room, I’ve got lots of little bits of leading to do so over Christmas would be great for that if I get the chance! Right I’m off to make some mince pies…

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