All hallows

Autumn and curtains 046This year I was determined to have a Halloween party. I was really dead set (pun intended) on the idea until I found out the date in question fell on a Thursday thus not having a weekend day behind it (boooo). His Jamness and I decided a night in waiting for trick or treaters was probably on the cards instead. Naturally we had some wine to make the waiting less boring and watched the un-Nicholas Cage/original version of The Wicker Man, which to my shock Jam had never seen.

wicker man burningEven more disturbing was the fact that we had no trick or treaters, I do not know what the young people are about these days! I even put my purple witches lantern in the window as an inviting beacon (it would have been the pumpkin but sadly that went rotten a mere 3 days after we bought it, again shocking) So Halloween would have been rubbish had I not received two quite frankly brilliant gifts.

Autumn and curtains 043

Jam bought me this beautiful sparkly bat who I have called Betram (witchcat is obsessed with it and keeps trying to take it from me and drag it to her cave, for a cat she has fantastic taste).

Autumn and curtains 042

I also was presented with this particularly fine purple cupcake from Zoe, completing the sugar rush as we had no choice but to devour the sweets ourselves…Wha ha ha.

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