A relative invasion

This weekend we faced an invasion of sorts. My mum and dad came to stay for the weekend, nothing unusual in that, they pop in every now and again (usually when they are on their way to/from my brothers who live ‘oop north)
(my dad looking, erm regal) this time however we have several other guests as well. On the Saturday morning my auntie Sylvia came to visit our house.

She stayed for the Saturday (visiting a garden centre at Yarnton with us during the day and taking us out to beautiful pub The Trout (famed for its appearances in Morse & the later Lewis) in the evening.
Auntie Yvonne arrived on Sunday morning bringing this most excellent charity shop find with her

(kind of like a chicken longboat dish, haven’t decided what I’m gonna put in there yet) before we all had lunch at The Fox (near the Llamas on the beautiful (& expensive to live on) Boars Hill) before Auntie Sylvia drove back to Sussex. Auntie Yvonne stayed until today (Tuesday) but I’m afraid my camera ran out of charge so there are no more photos of her (although you can find a post of when we went to stay with her here).

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