A Jam plan (or invasion)

So after a year and a bit together my beloved Jam has finally agreed to move into Mason du Rose! To say that I’m really excited would be an understatement but I’m a little scared as well (what if it doesn’t work out? What if Jam can’t sleep? What if I’m actually really annoying and he just hasn’t realised it yet???). For the moment however the excitement is winning out. The date for the move has been set after we return from Ben’s wedding in Korea, we’ve made a few provisional plans (such as we are going to move into what was formally Dave’s room, but it will contain mostly Jam’s stuff, he is busy fiddling about with layout plans at the moment but it seems it will contain many LED lights…) and I’m hoping that we’ll get round to tackling a few of the rooms in need of a makeover (we’ve already started sprusing up the garden, and bought a new bookcase for the spare room (on which Mabel is currently residing, convinced she is a shelf cat). So here are a few him and me shots from around our house at the moment (Jam is practically living here already but it will be nice when its just the two of us, witchcat and the chickens).

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