Make it stop!

Why is it in life stuff always seems to come along all at once? Its like you are plodding along, doing okay and then time just changes, you haven’t got enough of it and there is physically just too much to do. Well a lot has happened so I guess I should recap. Work is horrendously busy, we had a big meeting last week where our bosses basically admitted we had way too much to do but they would like us to attempt it anyway (?!?). I’m working really long hours and have a terrible feeling I’m taking it out on Mel (I’m sorry I don’t mean it, it will get better, thanks for listening to me rant). However this weekend I’m going to make her some ginger and dark choc cookies (yes they are as good as they sound) which I made for all the people who contributed to the creative issue of my magazine (I thought there would be some left over for Mel but there weren’t, how bad did I feel?!?). The recipe is from a cookbook I got the other weekend in local book haunt Mostly books, and all the proceeds go to rescuing battery hens, good work.

I’ve also been trying to sort out the last of the friends stuff for Oxford folk festival (which is in, yes count them two weeks, eeekkk) whilst desperately trying to finish my article for knit today (have to send sheepish email to my editor today informing her that I’m still struggling with getting/uploading the photos, I may have to see if Olie (who’s son was delivered on Monday, a boy called Korben, 10lb 9oz, congratulations to the B’s but you’ve got to feel for his poor wife) can be bribed with more knitwear). (I’ve only just finished the last lot and I am dying to knit something for me).

Tonight I really have to start tacking one or both of the Austin dresses (at least cutting out the pattern). The other material is being purchased by Helen this weekend so I’m hoping we can cut all the pieces out on Monday evening and then we can start tacking (individually or together). I’m meeting Louise for a obscenely early cup of coffee tomorrow morning at 10.30 (she really does early mornings whereas I like to stay in bed till at least 10 at the weekends so as to recover from the week). I’m then going back home weeding the front garden and digging the veg patch (my mum sent me a fantastic Alan Titchmarsh book about growing your own veg but it has one of those things to do this month things and I haven’t done any of the March ones). Sat night is my first (and last?) Nightshift assignment at the Jon Boden gig at the Jericho (which just happens to be an OFF fundraiser :-). Sunday should be writing up gig, finishing off aforementioned spinning article and very probably lots of sewing. And so ends another week…

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